Global Effective Microorganism Market Is Expected To Grow At A CAGR Of 6.2% From 2020 To 2027

Effective microorganism was developed in 1082 by Dr. Higa at the University of Ryukyus, Okinawa Japan. It comprises of microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes, photosynthetic bacteria, and fungi, etc.

EM 1 is representing the largest market share in the type segment for an effective microorganism market. The ergonomic features associated with EM 1 in its wide application in horticulture is its ability to encourage rooting and flowering of plants. Microbiologists truly believe that EM 1 is helpful in the soil formation and promotion of essential bacteria that revives and restores soil health. EM Bokashi is estimated to showcase comfortable market growth on account of the generation of food waste in billion tons form restaurants worldwide which need to be created as organic compost. Bokashi mudballs are widely implemented to consume fecal sludge and disinfect polluted waters.

Agriculture is leading the application segment for an effective microorganism market. Increasing demand for organic food and technological advancement in the agriculture sector primarily focusing on high quality and yield drives the market growth. Effective microorganisms act as a natural fertilizer by adding organic matter to the soil. Agricultural economists are of the strong opinion that the application of effective microorganisms in the agriculture segment drastically reduces the labor cost. Waste management is keen to record sturdy market growth during the forecast period owing to its ability to ferment the waste food material obtained from the kitchen and restaurants. Researchers are working diligently to identify new strains of bacteria capable to create organic compost form the waste accumulated in the sewage treatment plant.

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North America is dominating the geography segment for an effective microorganism market. The major parameter responsible for its market superiority is the useful application of effective microorganisms in fermenting the waste obtained from the kitchen of restaurants in the region. Furthermore, depletion of soil nutrition especially in the mid-western region of the United States increases the demand for effective microorganisms in restoring soil health. Europe is the second highest market share in the geography segment for an effective microorganism market. Collaboration between the academic research institutes and organic chemical producers in the identification of new strains of effective microorganism and its application in composting the waste in sewage treatment plants determines the effective microorganisms market growth in the region. Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the fastest-growing regional segment during the forecast period. A significant increase in the food waste obtained from the kitchen and pressing questions of depleted soil health provides lucrative market opportunities for effective microorganisms in the Asia Pacific region.

Organic chemical manufacturers actively engaged in the production of effective microorganisms are Teraganix, Inc., EMRO, EMNZ, SCD Probiotics, Efficient Microbes, VIOOO Biology, Multikraft, The Organic Gardener’s Pantry, One Organic and ClearBlu Environmental.

Market Key Takeaway:

  • Increasing demand for organic food products worldwide
  • Rampant adoption of effective microorganism in reviving and preserving soil health to achieve crops and fruits of high quality and yield per hectare
  • Effective use of effective microorganism in waste management obtained from kitchen and restaurants throughout the globe

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