Gone are the days when it took 10 to 15 years in developing satellites. But now with the invention of highly developed technology and superb human skills, building up of satellites have become a very easy and smooth process for the commercial space companies. It now takes a few days or maybe few weeks to develop these satellites. We know pretty well of the fact that how Elon Musk’s SpaceX which is based out of US is developing latest technology rockets and satellites and sending them in the outer space in no time. In order to keep with the similar space race, Britain is also bringing about latest innovations and technology advancement to compete with the other developed nations as far as space industry is concerned.

Among Britain, Glasgow has been leading the race for building up different satellites and other outer space-related equipment. It has now become the capital of Britain’s satellite-building industry. Previously Glasgow was famous for the shipbuilding industry but in recent times it has shifted its focus from shipbuilding activity to building satellites. As per the latest records, the quantum of satellites built by Glasgow is just behind the United States. Thus it can be imagined how much Glasgow has been involved in building up satellites in recent times.

The first satellite of Scotland was being built by Clyde Space. This satellite was launched just four years ago. After such historic launch Alba orbital as well as Spire Global have come in the forefront. Till then these two companies have sent more than 100 satellites into the orbit. Spire takes a week’s time in developing one satellite within its dust-free clean room facility situated in the city center business center. But at the same time, it has much bigger plans lined up for the future.

These nano-satellites as discussed above take not more than a week’s time to develop and when it comes to the costing portion, it takes a fraction of the total cost that was required to make the previous versions of the satellites. They have a lifespan of just two years before they get shifted from the orbital position and burns up in the atmosphere.

It is very necessary to update the hardware on a continuous basis and this is what the company officials focus to do with the different models and the updated technology.