Two former engineers of SpaceX, Paul, and Michael Dabrowski, are now collaborating with scientists to find a cure for genetic diseases. Synthego is willing enough to help scientists with the utilization of CRISPR to edit genetic code. According to them, CRISPR is a biological breakthrough that will enable scientists to discover cures for usual genetic diseases. 

These former engineers of SpaceX are the founders of Synthego. Nowadays, biology researchers have been using a new tool to change genetic code. With the advanced technology, known as CRISPR, which means for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, scientists can now snip away any genetic material with the purpose of treating disease, growing new crops and more.

The two engineers discover an opportunity in using software to assist scientists in automating their research. In today’s digital generation, Synthego is now considered as one of the primary providers of genome solutions. With their experience as engineers at Elon Musk’s SpaceX, they can create a biotech company that mainly focuses on CRISPR genome engineering.  Meanwhile, their experience and knowledge in the precision of engineering and automation play as a key differentiator. 

Synthego always makes their best efforts to keep the industry safe from the dissemination of poor and inefficient results. They are dedicated enough to provide high-quality, effective products and perform the basic research steps to make the most out of their work. 

They produce a synthetic guide RNA (gRNA) with a next-generation Design Tool. This synthetic gRNA can escort the enzyme Cas9 to a particular target gene wherein the Cas9 can cut the DNA. It is believed that Synthego’s gRNA comes with high on-target efficiency. This helps many researchers to work more efficiently. 

Synthego will keep on developing alternative solutions and more effective techniques to help scientists in finding a cure for genetic diseases. They are always eager to develop their platform which allows scientists to insert their experimental parameters online through a computer. With this, Synthego will experiment and deliver affirmative results. 

Paul and Michael Dabrowski offer a long-term strategy to offer the biology industry a service. With Synthego’s help experiments can be conducted on a reduced budget, time and infrastructure. The former engineers of SpaceX, which are now the founders of Synthego have a goal of making biology research more accessible for all scientists all over the world.