If you have also dreamt of flying cars in your childhood, your dream might come true in the future. NASA and Uber are on the verge of working jointly to manufacture flying cars and no longer making it a work of science fiction.

As per the two recent statements from NASA, Uber Technologies Inc which is the company behind the worldwide popular car services is joining hands with them to provide them every essential information that could help in stimulating the flight of a small passenger-carrying aircraft within the airspace of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. NASA briefing about this venture with Uber also said that “the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) project hopes to develop “a safe and efficient air transportation system where everything from small package delivery drones to passenger-carrying air taxis operates over populated areas, from small towns to the largest cities.”

There are indeed going to be many benefits if the vision of manufacturing the flying cars becomes a success, said Jaiwon Shin, the associate administrator for NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate. He highlighted the merits of the UAM and compared it to the revolution that smartphones have created.

NASA told that their various research would be of great help to find out every possible issue related to the air transportation and overcoming them. Every safety measure will be taken care of so that a reliable air traffic control system is maintained. It comes after the space agency signed an agreement with Uber for future flying cars service which will be called as Uber Elevate or Uber Air.

This is the second agreement of NASA with Uber which is entirely on implementing ideas to cater air transportation by stimulating and modeling UAM operations. As per the agreement, Uber is going to share the plans it has created for an urban aviation rideshare network with the space agency, NASA. NASA, in turn, will develop the models reasoning how the aircraft would move and take off. The joint venture of NASA and Uber is going to endow a realist approach towards the vision of flying cars or air transportation.

Studies will also be conducted as to how to manage the noise of these air transports. Apart from this, efforts will also be made on the field of not creating an extra burden on the national air-traffic control system. If everything goes well, we would be able to see flying cars in the future soon.