The procedure of combustion is part of the study of microgravity. The latest video from NASA proves that flames in the solar system could save mother Earth. It offers a big help in the reduction in of air pollution that is happening around the planet. 

Inside the International Space Station, flames burn in a different level. The hot air that is present on Earth burns and soars up forming air that has oxygen. It gives people from space as well those on Earth the chance to reduce the effects of air pollution. The more oxygen there is, there is a greater chance of having fresh and healthy air for everyone. The discovery yields possible important researchers in solving the problem of air pollution. 

However, the process of turbulence is hard to study due to the movement and the process of the flames. But, the movement at some point moves is a slow manner making it easy for the observers to determine the movements of the flames. The oxygen acts as a replacement for the heat, so the pollution is less than those having hot air surfaces. 

According to a report, the study of combustion is going on a long way through the six studies on the International Space Station. It is a big help to the astronauts who are learning microgravity concepts. The six studies prove an essential way in giving people insights into the combustion process happening in space. The truth from these studies yields a good deal of information that proves to be an advancement in the studies in space. 

According to the project scientist of ACME, David Stocker, there is about 85% of the energy humans are using. Most of the energy humans use every day comes from combustion. From here, future studies are going to start the discovery of the other effects of the flame on Earth. It gives experts the idea of the possible good effects it could do. Perhaps it might solve other problems on Earth aside from air pollution. 

The studies on these flames prove to be significant in most areas of solving air pollution Space experts, on the other hand, have their hands full in doing new researchers that tops the expectations of many people. It also assures people that there is hope in solving the issues of the planet. Solving the problem of air pollution is one of the starts in making a breaking discovery.