A Beijing based startup OneSpace has become the first Chinese private organization who become successful in launching their own rocket. The height of this OS-X rocket is 9 meter & it launches from a base situated in Northwestern China.

The main object of this mission is to gather the data for a project on which the OneSpace is working in a partnership with a state-owned organization Aviation Industry Corporation of China.

OneSpace was established in 2015 and often compared with the SpaceX, which is Elon Musk’s rocket company. Furthermore, it’s CEO Shu Chang never shy away from this competition.

According to Shu, it is the first rocket that is created completely with the homegrown technology. He has previously worked for an investment company and a state-owned aerospace organization.

However, OneSpace has to go through a long way to match the standards set by the SpaceX who is known for launching large rockets taking satellites to the orbit and then returning to the Earth on a regular basis. OneSpace’s OS-X rocket created for carrying out the research and tests on the suborbital flights.

There are many instances when the claims of many Chinese organizations met with skepticism. A professor of Aerospace Engineering working at the Hong Kong University of Science & technology Xin Zhang states that he has a huge doubt on the claims that the OneSpace builds the complete rocket.

As per the claims of OneSpace, they have developed this rocket on their own in one year. However, their CEO previously stated that it took three years.

As per Zhang, it is a supersonic speed if they made it within one year because the companies have taken as much as ten years to manufacture such rockets.

This startup company said they had collected US$ 78 million, which will consider as a paltry sum in the billion dollar space industry, Zhang added.

He further said that it is very tough unless they eliminate corners. However, Shu also added that OneSpace is facing the doubters in the same way as SpaceX have in their starting days.

OneSpace says that they have saved so much money by focusing on this goal from the beginning consisting utilization of the specially developed electrical system. It weighs ten times less than the system that generally used in the majority of rockets in various countries all over the world.