Jupiter has always been one of the planets of the investigation. It is supposed that Jupiter comprises a lot of clouds in its outer as well as inner layers. But there is still a lot to investigate to clear the mysteries it unfolds. The Juno spacecraft from NASA has revealed many gas giant’s oddities. Juno was launched in the year 2011, 5th August and since then it traveled around 1.74 billion miles to reach its destination on 5th July 2016.

NASA uploaded some of the findings of Jupiter as per Juno in its Science Cast videos. It was discovered that the magnetic field of the Jupiter is lumpy. Here are some of the fascinating findings of Jupiter as per the Juno:

  1. The winds of Jupiter are too deep: As per Juno, the well-known Jupiter’s winds might thrust 3,000 kilometers into the planet’s depth. It will be one of the most in-depth wind plunges in the planet so far.
  2. The auroras of Jupiter are extraordinarily enthralling: Jupiter is ultra-glowy like Earth, but the scientists of Juno told that at Jupiter auroras are created by turbulence acceleration which is still a matter of study. According to Barry Mauk, one of the Juno’s researchers, the more auroral generation becomes stronger; the more process becomes unstable. It creates a new acceleration every time.
  3. The Great Red Spot of Jupiter is too strange- As per Andy Ingersoll, Juno’s co-investigator, Juno found that the Great Red Spot has many hidden secrets to reveal. The spot is around 100 times deeper as compared to oceans of the Earth. Also, it is much warmer at the base than the top.
  4. The Jupiter’s sound seems like a horror movie track- As soon Juno entered the planet absurd sounds got recorded. The wave instrument of Juno showed very freaky sounds in June 2016 when it reached near the magnetic space of the planet. As per the researchers, the sound for a moment shocked all of us.
  5. Jupiter is amazing- The images taken by Juno are too mesmerizing. Every close-up and personal photo captured by Juno shows the beauty and prettiness of this gas giant. The pictures show that the planet comprises amazing view.

These are some of the facts presented by NASA’s spacecraft Juno to the scientists. In the future, more facts will be discovered and presented before the world.