SpaceX has been NASA’s affiliate and associate for long period of time and recently it has assisted NASA to descry and discern planets beyond the solar system. Elon Musk, the prime designer of SpaceX is also helping to do research in the same. Launching a rocket needs to be safely executed and no matter how many times a space company launches a rocket, the safety procedure must not be ignored. SpaceX is furthering and bolstering NASA to fabricate a new type of exquisite technology by which astronauts can travel to space.

SpaceX is an aerospace firm who will be allowing to get people into orbital space by means of their dextrous and innovational technology. Eventually, the SpaceX scaffolded by NASA, will allow people to travel to Mars. Blue Origin, an aerospace company which is considered to be the rival of SpaceX, sells the tickets for suborbital vehicles. This is a short ride to space by traveling on a capsule. This is considered to be very expensive, costing about hundreds and thousands of dollars.


The mechanism of the rocket launched for space tourism purpose is exquisite and bewildering in various ways. As soon as the rocket reaches the outer space, the capsule gets separated from the rocket. As they break apart from one another, the people get to float in space for a total of 4 minutes. The passengers can also behold the entire curve of the earth from the big windows of the space shuttle. While returning back, the two separated fragments conjoints and return to the surface.

The space tourism involves traveling toward the earth’s curve. Even though the atmosphere which surrounds the earth is not hot and humid, when the space shuttle or rocket enters this atmosphere, it enters at a very fast pace. It also becomes unimaginably hot while doing so and hence the capsules are designed in such a way so that the heat gets homogeneously distributed.

The recent tweet of SpaceX’s Elon Musk was about using a giant party balloon by the rockets or space shuttles while coming down to earth. This has led to many people consider this idea as a lame joke. However, the implementation of a giant balloon has great scientific explanations behind it.

This balloon can actually save the vehicle in which the space tourists will travel, from bursting into flames. There is a remarkable and astounding way to slow down the velocity of the rocket traveling towards the earth’s atmosphere. In order, to do so, the structure of the capsule should be mammoth enough since the bigger surface can slow down the movement and thus prevent it from becoming a lava craft. Safety of space shuttles is well maintained by Elon Musk’s crafty and confronting ideas.