Nasa receives amazing news when a fleet of their spacecraft become successful in solving the historical mystery about the magnetic field of Earth. They were hoping to find out this technique for a long time. Their scientists got data from the four spacecraft that unrevealed the much-needed information about the energy in the magnetic fields around our planet.

This magnetic field act as a shield for our planet from the stream of plasma that is coming directly from the sun. Despite this field, there are many occasions where this plasma enters the Earth & interrupts the working of various electronics devices on the Earth. It makes it important for the scientists to know the way we are protected from them.

Nasa’s four spacecraft is flying for quite some time to know about the magnetic effect that shows the intense & strange power held by the magnetic fields across the Earth. Plasma is the main thing in the solar wind that is coming directly from the Sun. It hardly found on the planet Earth, but almost 99% of the universe has it. When the plasma enters the magnetic field of our planet, it becomes extremely turbulent.

The scientists were previously unable to understand the causes of turbulence, but these spacecraft now tell them about some of the reasons. Additionally, they also become aware of the fact where the energy & motion vanishes. The magnetic field’s energy moved to the particles & develop clusters of plasma & isolate them to the universe.

Some smallest scale observation of this event published in a new study under the guidance of Jonathan Eastwood. HE is the major researcher of this study. According to Eastwood, Turbulence was one of those long-awaiting mysteries in the traditional physics about which we don’t know much. However, no one can deny the fact that it holds extreme importance in-universe because of its redistribution work.

However, this discovery has revealed new theories that are enough for understanding the observation of many other locations. It can be the atmosphere of Sun or magnetic fields of planets other than Earth.

But many new questions arises after this new finding. The scientists are now thinking to develop new theories about the magnetosphere for knowing the exact technology behind the magnetic reconnection. We hope there will be many new things about this concept will soon unrevealed by these spacecraft.