Everyone who lives in the land of the Earth is dreaming to see what the place lived in looks like above. Fueled with unending curiosity, people want to know what the Earth looks like overhead – so there is no surprise that even the rich men are willing to invest just to make their dreams of seeing the Earth from above come true. 

A bunch of large corporations and rice men hope to begin seeing the whole beauty and shape of the Earth at all times using a video camera in the outer space. 

The EarthNow LLC, one of the companies that count among its investors Airbus, Bill Gates, Softbank and Grey Willer, had announced their plans regarding the satellite launching to view the Earth. The announcement of the plan is stated last Wednesday is saying that they will deploy a huge constellation of the advanced imaging satellites, which can deliver a real-time and continuous video of nearly anywhere on Earth. 

According to the company, the goal of this launching is to offer the customers an ability to view the events unfold on Earth at a real-time and in a continuous basis. The website of the company is listing the far-ranging events in which the satellite constellation will keep an eye on, including the catching the illegal fishing ship in the act, the evolvement of the hurricanes and typhoons that could strike the Earth, the migration of the whales from one place to another, and every home on Earth. In other words, it will serve as the privately owned surveillance network in space, which can detect the global situations. 

According to the news released, the cameras will be mounted on the satellite, which is originally created for the Wyler’s satellite internet company One Web and is mass produced by Airbus. 

“There is a sort of classic and techno-utopian vision at the back of all these,” said Russel Hannigan, the CEO of EarthNow, in a statement. “We believe in the ability to understand and see our planet unfiltered and live, and it will help us appreciate and care the only home we’ve got.”

However, the actual goal of the company is a little bit beyond down to Earth. The company mentioned that it hopes to sell the live videos and the intelligent vision products. Though, they said that they want the video feeds to be immediately accessible from mobile devices.