In the recent times, the crash of multiple kinds of galaxies in space is found by scientists. This deep-seated collision is regarded to be the very first of its kind. Scientists are known to have seen such a mega-merger of different galaxies for the very first time. This can even change our perspective of how we understand the process of how this universe works. The collision took place all across the world and is known to have taken at least 90 percent of the space of the universe. This collision was the collision of a total of 14 different kinds of galaxies. It gave the scientists the flashback of the time when new galaxies were formed. These collisions are also known to be done into big particles of the universe and can be known as the superstructure. An astrophysicist named Scott Chapman has stated that there is a beautiful significance in witnessing such massive and colossal collision of various galaxies and observe them taking a particular shape.

The different galaxies which are part of the collision are considered to be starburst galaxies, and the place where the crash took place is supposed to be the production of numerous stars due to the collision process. These stars are known to have been sticking in one place in the universe, and they are all shining brightly, and this has to lead the scientists to ponder how they are holding together in one place. These stars are known to exhaust at a fast rate because of their exhausting gas. There are certain special conditions of the environment which are making this type of mega collisions occur. These galaxies are forming new stars much rapidly, and this is unique.

The collision of galaxies was spotted for the first time from the South Pole Telescope and the Herschel Space Observatory by scientists. A stable and robust telescope was used by scientists to observe the details of the galaxies. This telescope known as the ALMA that is Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array allowed them to know that these galaxies were formed in a very early universe. Getting to see their first stage of the formation only suggests that with passing time they will eventually be developed into a massive cluster of an element of the Universe. The process of galaxies being built together is still a mystery to scientists as there have been no traces of such a formation in the past.