When people on earth think of aliens, they assume a picture of tiny creatures in green working around or flying saucers hovering around the sky. What would be their imagination if they were to look at the tentacles in the sea? In recent research conducted by the scientists and as per the latest news published in a news article it has been claimed that octopuses and the likely cephalopods may have their origin on some different planet other than Earth. It has been assumed that their eggs might have traveled on some asteroid and might have landed on our planet in the far way history.

This assumption may appear to be a bit cliched and may not be correct, but the very idea that life on Earth from a place located somewhere else might not prove to be bogus in all sense. The idea which has been presumed by the scientists is referred to as “panspermia”. Although there is not much of a proof which might help this idea to propagate but the concept might not be impossible too.

Panspermia is a concept whereby it is believed that living organisms or event the genetic materials can move from one to another within our solar system and also to the closely located stars. It is found that some of the bacteria and fungus can even remain alive for an elongated period in the vacuum of space. To support these statement scientists on the ISS conducted n experiment whereby it was found that bacteria could leave in space with no trouble for almost two years. Again it is entirely confirmed that some of the species of such bacteria can even survive for a more extended period. In fact, the survival of such species poses a threat to NASA and as a result to keep a check on their growth NASA has appointed a Planetary Protection Officer.

It is further proved that materials or elements from one planet can traverse to another earth pretty quickly. Some of the minerals or hard metals that are found on our Earth are from the Red Planet. According to the scientists’ nobody have landed on Mars and collected them. It might so happen that during an asteroid collection some of the rocks might have flown into space and some might have landed on the Earth’s surface. Merely an asteroid collision might result in transporting microorganisms from one planet to another.