The Delta IV Heavy a variation of the Delta IV series was the most powerful operational launch spacecraft when it comes to launch mass. Whilst the best part of its function is for security and defense market, it’s also recognized in space fields for launching spacecraft Orion in 2015 of December. Delta IV Heavy is set to launch this 2018 the Parker Solar Probe. 

The series of Delta IV rockets was developed by McDonnell Douglass and is made by ULA or United Launch Alliance. Delta IV has lots of variants, which include the 3 Delta Medium+ variations and Delta IV Medium. The Delta IV medium has not launch since year 2006. In year 2015, ULA said it will withdraw all the Medium+ configurations because of increased expense in launching system. However, the Delta IV Heavy will stay in service until 2020s. 

Delta Heavy rocket initial launch occurred last 21st of December year 2014 in Orlando Florida. The demonstration didn’t go precisely as intended. Errors in the main booster strap-on which caused DemoSat to arrive at wrong orbit. 2 smaller satellites didn’t reach the intended orbit as well. 

11th of November 2017 is the second launch of this rocket and went successful. But, the date of launching was postponed after the pad was harmed due to the liquid oxygen. In 2012, this rocket made a flourishing launch of reconnaissance satellite, using RS-68A engine. August 2013 is also a remarkable date for this rocket. 

Future of Delta Heavy Rocket 

The future of this rocket in military market might change, because the Falcon rocket has the capability to lift heavy satellites at a fraction of cost. According to the latest news, this rocket can lift satellites for only $90 million, opposed to $350 million for every launch for Delta Heavy rocket. This makes Delta Heavy almost 4 times as costly as Falcon. 

At present, the US government has a special agreement with United Launch Alliance which is assumed to phase out next year for Atlas and 2020 for Delta. The $350 million doesn’t contain the cost of this agreement that is valued at USD1 billion per year. 

While the value of Delta Heavy is comparatively higher, this has flawless records since its first launch failure. The Falcon has just one test flight, however it’s assumed to fly 2 times more this year. Reliability and cost will come under deliberation as the government of US considers its choices for the renewal of the agreement.