It was the year 1957 when the first spacecraft, Sputnik was launched. After that various other spacecraft and satellites have been dispatched into space. Most of them were unable to make their journey back to the Earth and their broken pieces along with several other rockets that were abandoned are orbiting around Earth that too at a high speed. Several of these objects are flying almost at a speed of 16777 miles per hour or more than that there is a chance that they collide and form much more debris in the space which is harmful.

Our world which has become very much dependent on GPS signals and telecommunications may face a huge amount of problem because of this. The debris that is rotating around the Earth has caused the destruction of many active satellites and in the future, the same will happen for many others.

As a precautionary measure to remove the useless pieces of spacecraft, rockets, and satellites from the space there are many space centers that are sending instructions to decommissioned and old satellites to land and crash in the South Pacific which is a remote part of the world. This area is termed as Spacecraft cemetery and it is more famously known as Point Nemo geographically. This land is situated at a distance of 2500 miles from the east side of New Zealand. The islands of Moto Nui, Maher and Duice are closet to this place.

In the year 1971 point Nemo experienced its first ever spacecraft crashing and after that 260 more satellites have landed and crashed here. Most of the satellites were of Russian origin and one of the greatest examples is MIR that orbited around Earth from 1986 to 2001. Another successful crash landing of the satellite in Point Nemo is the spacecraft of Jules Verne.

It takes lots of skills to make a spacecraft land on Point Nemo and several calculations are made regarding this. To make a smooth landing, instructions should be sent to the spacecraft for guidance and if this is not done then it might crash anywhere. For example, in the year 1979 due to certain issues, the spacecraft of NASA known as Skylab crashed on the land of Australia. Another incident that happened with the Tianyong 1 orbital lab of Chinese origin, it crashed in the waters of South Pacific instead of Point Nemo.