There is pleasurable news for the space-curious people! Astronomers have recently discovered a brand new object, probably a new planet, in the space. This alien planet was sighted accompanied by two little stars. This delightful discovery was made during the study of CS Cha which is a million years old binary system. The members involved in the study said that the newly discovered object has not yet been identified for what it is.

According to Christian Ginski, chief study author, Leiden Observatory (Netherlands) the recently found object is supposedly enclosed by dust particles that belong to the object only. This dust enclosure is blocking the nearby light and therefore, verifying the size of this recently found object remains incomplete, said Ginski. Hence, there are chances that it can turn out to be a brown dwarf star or a big celestial body, probably a giant planet, added Ginski.

The researchers involved in the ongoing CS Cha study were continually keeping a watch for any possible disks of dust or new planets. They were conducting this study using SPHERE (Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet Research) which is located on the European Southern Observatory.  During the advancement of the study, the study members got surprised and pleased to discover a new. This new spot was located in the surrounding area of the CS Cha binary system. The estimated distance of this new object has been determined as nearly two hundred and fourteen AU (Astronomical Unit) from the nearby binary stars of the CS Cha system. 

Once the newly found spot was located, the study members sought help from images available through different scopes in the past. The team members took reference of relevant photos filed in the earlier records and found a fantastic similarity in those images. They saw that the newly discovered object stood in the form of a dot in those images. One of such images was eleven years old and related to CS CHA system. Another picture with the spot was nineteen years old, and it belonged to the Hubble Space Telescope of NASA. It has been concluded that the spot has been accompanying the journey of CS Cha system for a long time and can be a planet. While all of us wait for more updates on this discovery of a ‘possible new planet’ the study has been accepted by Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics for publication.