The Croatian Government signed a cooperation agreement with the European Space Agency last February to ease out the relation in respect of the Space Industry. The industry players in Croatia feel that this agreement between their government and the ESA would undoubtedly be a boon for them for involving more into space exploration and thereby help to generate foreign orders.

Amphinicy Technologies which is a Zagreb-based satellite software development firm believes that this treaty between the government and the ESA will undoubtedly reap fruits and will help Croatia to expand its space exploration industry and also improve the commercial companies in this segment in association with its European counterparts.

According to Mirta Medanic, who is a program manager at Amphinicy Technologies has rightly pointed out that such a move from the government perspective would undoubtedly benefit the industry as well increase government revenues to a great extent. She viewed that Croatia is on the verge of becoming one of the active space exploration nations in the coming few years. The process is at a very nascent stage, and the agreement would undoubtedly be a cube of ice on the cake for this subject.

Amphinicy Technologies is mainly concentrating on developing customer specific software technologies and software solutions for the support of the space industry and the satellite industry. Considering the track record of this company, it is said to have developed more than 100 projects to varied customers over a span of 20 years from its inception. Among the customers there are international space agencies, satellite operators as well as global satellite providing agencies, space mission operation centers, teleports to name a few. The three primary products of this company include Blink which operates as the satellite data acquisition system; Monica which operates a monitor and control system that has been built specially for the satellite industry; and also Satscout which helps in establishing the satellite terminals.

Medanic is very hopeful of the fact that within a horizon of five years, Croatia will be in a position to pose fierce competition in the space exploration industry with its European Counterparts, create national space strategy as well as build international level equipment to become a full member of ESA.

The company has said recently it has been working with different US-based client off late. The representatives of h company have also traveled and visited NASA to give a presentation of their technological capabilities.