China is building its version of the International Space Station, and they promise an extraordinary one. The Tiangong which translates as Heavenly Palace will possess massive technological capabilities.

According to China, the Tiangong will rival the International Space Station that is operated by Russia and the United States. China’s space station is expected to launch in the year 2022, and it will operate at 400 kilometres above sea level.

The Tiangong is the third phase of China’s 921-2 space station program. The first prototype, Tiangong -1 which has undergone seven years of orbit testing docking system but the prototype crashed into the earth earlier in April this year.

Astronauts anticipated that the Tiangong -1 will fall since 2016 after China lost control of the station. It was difficult to predict the time when the Tiangong -1 would drop. Chinese officials could no longer have any strong influence on the Station.

It became difficult to determine where the station would fall on earth since they could not control its landing place. This became a pretty dangerous situation until the station finally crashed to ground this year.

The second prototype, Tiangong -2 launched on September 15, 2016. The lead designer of the China Manned Space Engineering Program, Zhou Jianping, in a statement with People’s Daily said that the Tiangong would possess more capabilities than the Mir of the Soviet Era.

Mir launched in the year 1986. The station was intended to develop technologies for people to live and work in space. Mir was decommissioned, and it fell to earth in March 2001. The ISS launched in 1998 and station has a service life of 30 years.

The station will no longer function by 2028. The Tiangong will feature complex technological innovations. They will equip the station adequately enough to support life comfortable. There will be a kitchen, toilet, and cabins.

The Chinese station will weigh 66 tons when it is completed. The station will accommodate six taikonauts. Taikonaut is what China calls astronauts from their country. The station will have one-fifth of the mass of the International Space Station. However, it would have three docking ports.

Chinese authorities are excited about the Tiangong and have been boasting about its capabilities. Enthusiasts are awaiting the launch in 2022 and the boundless possibilities that have been promised. A new addition to the world’s space instruments is a thrill to space enthusiasts.