On Tuesday, the senior astronauts of China made it publicly known that they wish to grow their cooperation with various countries regarding human spaceflight. April 24 was the national space day of China. To mark that day, there was a gathering at the Astronaut Centre of China. The total number of attendees was seventeen. They comprised not only Chinese but also foreign astronauts.

While at the meeting, Yang Liwei brought up the matter of the worldwide cooperation. Yang is on record as the first Chinese astronaut to visit space. He opened the way for others from China. As of now, he works with the China Manned Space Engineering Office (CMSEO) as the director. He proposed a future where there would be global cooperation on both space station and several experimental labs. He also opened doors for those interested in offering a hand in the construction as well as the operation of their space station.

As far as the matter is concerned, China and the United Nations have a signed agreement. It is about the opening up of the Chinese Space Station. China’s has portrayed their interest in developing nations as their partners.

An astronaut by the name Jean-Francois Andre Clervoy appreciated that bold step. He noted the maturity that China has exhibited in human spaceflight. They included life extravehicular activity support and both manual and automatic rendezvous as well as docking. Clervoy works with ESA which is a partner of China in space launches, science, and last but not least astronaut training. Whether that will count when it comes to cooperation considerations is something that only time will tell. He knows of three young people working with him who are hopeful. The trio believes that if there will be an astronaut who is not a Chinese who will fly from the CSS, it will be one from Europe.

For the ESA, there is another opportunity for a collaboration. Fei Junlong said it all. Who is Junlong? He works at the Astronaut Centre of China as the deputy director. In addition to that, he is a Shenzhou 6 mission’s veteran. According to him, CSS would like to work with ESA. It will be on a research about space food.

All the measures aim to ensure that the dream that China has of cooperating with other countries in the matter becomes a reality. All we can do is wait and see how it all unfolds.