In a competitive space market, China is also fighting to make that impression in the commercial space industry. To keep pace with the other nations, China has launched on May 3 (i.e.Thursday) one of its very bold mission which is known as the Apstar-6C communications satellite. It is a five metric ton spacecraft which will be successfully positioned into the geostationary transfer orbit. In an Endeavour to compete with nations such as US, Russia, and such other developed countries, China has made this satellite which will help it come to the forefront regarding commercial space exploration.

This Long March 3B launch vehicle started its long journey to space from the Launch Complex 2 which is situated at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center which is located at the south-west China at a perfect time of 12:06 pm. This launch and its timing were however officially published way in advance to make the public aware of such start. The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation gave the news of the successful launch of the satellite after one hour of its liftoff.

This launch is considered to be the thirteenth for the entire year till date. However, it was the fifth launch from the Xichang area. Apart from this launch, further 17 starts are expected to be made in the year of 2018 from this launch pad, which will mostly involve Beidou navigation as well as positioning satellites.

Apstar-6C has joined the fleet of four more fully operational satellites that belong to the APT moon of Hong Kong who are the operator of the Apstar Constellation which involve the area of Asia-Pacific region and beyond. This satellite is based on a DFH-4 platform, and this satellite was developed by the China Academy of Space Technology which is considered to be the satellite and spacecraft maker under the CASC. It is the primary contractor for China’s Space Program. This satellite is supposed to replace the old in-orbit Apstar-6 satellite, which is currently providing services such as video distribution, cellular backhaul, and broadband internet services.

As per the reports, APT has signed an in-orbit-delivery agreement with the China Great Wall Industry Corp (CGWIC). This agreement was signed on Oct 17, 2015. It was the same day when China also launched the DFH-4 based Apstar-9 communication satellite. The contracting party was asked to submit the contract to analyze the same by an independent committee following the Hong Kong Stock Exchange rules.