The Chinese government has been for long working to enhance its presence in the space industry launching rockets into space. But till date, the private firms in this nation was not active enough. However, in an urge from the government department and different other incentives, the Chinese private players have become active in the commercial space industry and ramping up the works to make their presence felt in the international arena.

In a recent post from the Beijing based investment firm, Future Aerospace, over sixty private firms have already made their mark in the commercial space industry during the past three years. Their main aim was to focus their attention on the manufacturing and launching of different rockets and satellites. Most of the companies that have come into the limelight are from Beijing. Some of the other cities that are also catching up with the race are Shaanxi, Guangdong, and Hubei provinces. In these areas, the manufacturing infrastructures are more developed.

In fact, government policy has been circulated in respect of encouraging private players to invest further in the category of space exploration. Experts believe that private participation in the space industry for this nation can bring down the cost and enhance efficiency and productivity for further in-depth space exploration.

US counterparts like SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic have all resorted to making cost-f-effective rockets and launchers which have made them much more competitive in the international arena regarding the commercial space industry. They have also vowed to take passengers for space tour at a shallow cost affair. All these phenomena in the European and US markets have encouraged the private players in China to begin their journey regarding the space exploration and also the government is quite keen to allow private players to come into the forefront for improving their economy as well.

Among the most developed private players in China till date has been LandSpace which was founded in the year of 2015. It is a private rocket maker which has gained investment of more than 500 million yen. Most of the workers and the technicians of this company hail from the aerospace industry.

I have recently developed a small solid-propellant rocket that can carry more than 300 kilograms into the lower orbit. It is expected to launch in the second half of the current year. Currently, the company is focusing on developing a liquid-propellant engine as well as a medium-sized rocket to be fuelled by liquid oxygen and methane.