Apollo 8 is always acknowledged for the reason of saving nations from the terrible year of 1968. It was in this year the entire world was going through a tremendous turmoil. In the year America was politically divided. The assassins had defeated the unsung heroes Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy. During the Vietnam War, US troops were also dying in huge numbers. The people on a large scale were questioning the role of the administration in this situation.

However, in this year only Apollo 8 flew to the space taking together three humans to the outer space who made history. The three persons were Frank Borman, Bill Anders, and Jim Lovell. The crew for the first time showed the people on the earth how moon exactly looked like from 70 miles above the earth’s surface. They took some fabulous pictures from the outer space. NASA at that time had given instructions to the astronauts to reveal something specific, but few knew what they would say as around 1 billion viewers from around the world were tuning in. The three astronauts were pretty excited about this voyage, and they send various pictures and messages back to the people on the Earth. It was quite a history that nobody would forget.

This event became a landmark for the people of America and also for the rest of the world at a moment when the world as a whole was going through a rough phase. The space expedition became so much popular that within five months of this event, the US Postal services came up with a stamp which had Earth rising above the moon’s horizon with some motivational words. 

Lovell recalled the expedition as one of the best expeditions that he had in his entire career. He further added that they were going to a place which had never been discovered as of that date. He even recalled that flying to space he could see the Earth as so small that he could even close it within his palms. In the year of 1960s, many had thought were the heroes of the American Nation had gone, and the Apollo program was an answer to all those questions.

The program of Apollo inspired many youngsters who later on went on to change the world. Some of such personalities include Bill Gates who founded Microsoft, Apple founder Steve Jobs and so on. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are some of the budding entrepreneurs who have shown much interest in space exploration.