Environmentalists have a stake in NASA research

Over the centuries science and scientists have made leaps and bounds in their understanding of how the earth truly functions.  The continual study of the earth in every way has revealed much about what happens on earth.

But that study has not been lost on NASA. They have taken steps to enhance that study and broaden that knowledge.

What can a space agency do

You may not think that a space agency can contribute to the knowledge already gathered by earthbound scientists. But you would be wrong. It turns out that NASA has 4 scientific goals. It is the last one that interests environmentalists.

NASA has an Earth Science goal and division. The reason for this is quite clear. NASA provides a better perspective on the planet than most earth restricted scientists can have.  Their view covers a lot more territory and can capture whole weather patterns and other problems. 

This is something that earthbound scientists cannot hope to achieve. What NASA can do is provide new views, new information, new studies that help other scientists, including environmentalists to save the Earth.

19 ways NASA wants to help

Space here is limited so we cannot mention all 19 ways NASA has come up with to help save the earth. Suffice it to say that they have a plan and are taking the right steps to implement that plan.

Part of that plan includes the Earth Science division of NASA using satellites to observe as much of the planet as possible. The other part of that plan is for NASA to receive funding to launch those 19 earth science missions. 

These missions are designed to gather as much data as possible. This data is then dispersed to other scientists who are looking for global environmental answers. NASA is working hard to save the Earth.

NASA is more than a space exploration agency

This may surprise a lot of people. But it shouldn’t. NASA has the power, the position and the ability to gather information no other agency can. They are in a unique position to be able to gather information. 

This information may help spare the Earth from any environmental tragedy. If NASA didn’t develop this division then it would be irresponsible and be misusing its funding and position. NASA is giving back a little of what it receives.