A Billionaire with a British Nationality has invested in space communication company that has ambitions to support commercial trips beyond the Earth Orbit. Goonhilly Earth Station company has announced that Peter Hargreaves, who among the people that created British financial company Hargreaves Lansdown, did invest $32 million in the firm. This company does operate a ground station located at Cornwall, England. Goonhilly did not say the size of the stake that Hargreaves, who is a billionaire with a net worth of over $3.9 billion, did acquire in the company. The billionaire said that he did see the company as high development opportunity in an evolving market. He believed in the goals of the company and shared in the company long-term vision. He said that he wanted to support them to help them realize their plans to be a leader in the field. Goonhilly does operate more than 20 antennas that range in size from a few meters to 32 meters in diameter. The company did acquire the facility from a British Telecom back in 2014 after leasing some antennas there for three years and from then, they have been able to invest more than $5 million in updating and refurbishing the aging facility. According to the CEO of Goonhilly, he said that their story began ten years ago with only an idea to rescue Goonhilly and create a new space company that could meet all the challenges for the New Space. He said this at the 34th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs. The facility business today is the key supporting satellite operators such as uplink and tracking, telemetry and command operations. However, the company also did have an interest in being able to offer services for the commercial missions beyond Earth orbit. This does include the development of a private network for deep space communications; Jones went on to say that deep space was always in their plans right from the start. He added that it had taken a long period for them to get to where currently they are. Jones did say that there were agreements with the European Space Agency and Survey Satellite Technology Ltd to study commercials partnerships for the development of lunar communications and movement services. Goonhilly got to top in contract bidding from the ESA meter dish to support the communications for the agency deep space missions. Goonhilly and SSTL are working on their separate lunar mission concepts.