Britain plans to create a satellite navigation system. Its purpose will be rivaling a project by the European Union. Its title is Galileo. It is a satellite program that will cost approximately 10 billion euro. Its aim is to challenge the U.S. Global Positioning System.

Things have never been the same ever since the Brexit. After the referendum, the vote was in favor of the UK leaving EU. However, Britain feels that it is not yet time. That is why they do not understand why EU hinders them from accessing sensitive security information. The leave should officially occur in 2019 at midnight of 30th March.

As much as that is true, EU has a right to feel like it is not a part of them. Nevertheless, so does Britain. Ever since the initiation of the development of Galileo, there has been a tug-of-war between Britain and the European Nation. They do not understand why EU does not involve them. The state feels as if the treatment has come earlier than it should. After all, they are still part of EU.

Britain has shown interest in a membership of Galileo. That was said by the spokeswoman of its Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy. However, they will seek alternatives if that becomes impossible.

The exclusion of Britain together with its company from Galileo work thought to be sensitive marked the beginning of the struggle. Since it is not even yet time for them to leave, Greg Clark sees it as a bad move if they would collaborate regarding security in the future. Clark is the business minister of UK.

There is a warning by Britain to the EU. Through the spokeswoman, they should change their mind regarding UK countries not qualified to bid contracts of Galileo. There is still hope for Britain since the awarding is not yet.

What happens if EU does not grant the wish? One, Airbus will relocate its Galileo operations that are based in the UK. That would mean risking more than 100 jobs. Other than that EU should expect a hard time. The project may take for time and spend more money than the earlier plan. The reason is that Britain has so far worked on 15% of the work of the project. Where will they get the taskforce?

There is now the biggest blow. Clark is seeking legal advice. He wants to know the best channel to reclaim the money spent by Britain since the commencement of the project back in 2003. It amounts to up to 1.4 billion dollars. EU will weigh that and make a decision. If it does not favor Britain, we will wait and see what happens.