European Union is getting a very big blow as Britain is exiting from the group. This means that its access to the Union Satellite will then change. The fact that they may have very limited access to the satellite has made Britain have some plans of launching their satellite. Don’t take serious the news that the European Union is blocking the UK from having access to Space resource that it did play a huge role In helping its development. There are rumors that the country has already kick-started the process. Well, I want to confirm that that news is fake and they have no official source. Galileo is the European satellite navigation project that was built to rival the American GPS. You have nothing to worry about your Google Maps providing you with inaccurate information. This is because it is not the major civilian Galileo service that is at the center of controversy. That will continue being available to everyone. This included Britain. The problem comes with the PRS- Public Regulated Service, a much better in accuracy, protected type for use by the government and the military for everything from searching and rescue to target the missiles. According to Bleddyn Bowen, who is a lecturer in space policy at the University of Leicester, the signal is usually encrypted and very precise and there is no traffic for the users and traffic. 

This is because the access to the PRS is only through the membership of the European Union and not to the ‘third countries.’ This is what Britain will become after the exit. Michel Barnier, who is serving as the chief negotiator, has been able to confirm to anyone that has read a print: ‘Third Countries and their companies cannot participate in the development of sensitive security issues.’ British companies will not have access to bid contracts to finalize on the construction, and the maintaining of PRS AND THE British government won’t be allowed to have access to the secure signal automatically. It will be required first to agree on a deal with the European Union, which is easier than having to build a new network from scratch. The Business Secretary has recently commissioned a task force to look into the idea. Having an independent network can be possible. British Space sector is active. The CEO of Airbus has said that the company was willing to use billions of pounds to replicate the Galileo. However, this is not the correct approach.