Boeing Company has criticized Falcon massive rocket build up by SpaceX as “too small” for NASA to use it for deep space exploration. The company even criticized Elon Musk for the same. However, Boeing is considered to have the solution for the same. This claim was up on the internet within a website known as Watch us This website is created by Boeing to bring forward the company news to the forefront. Such a controversial comment was cited in respect of the remarks made by Bill Gerstenmaier, who is the administrator for human exploration as well as operations for NASA. He reiterated the fact that the space agency will be requiring “large volume, monolithic pieces that are going to require an SLS kind of capability.”

Boeing is entrusted with the job of manufacturing the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. The company has claimed that this rocket will be the most power-packed rocket at all times and that it will bring about a new horizon in the field of deep space exploration. However, the difference is that the Falcon heavy which completed a tight schedule launch in February is already operating.

According to the Boeing Blog post, Falcon massive rocket launch has failed to impress the NASA officials, and that the administrator of NASA has considered this rocket to be “too small.” The company further added that the SLS could bring huge instruments and equipment into space in comparison with the Falcon Heavy. Thus the Falcon Heavy rocket would be unsuitable for the broad space exploration mission, and SLS could adequately do such purpose.

However, it will take much longer time for the Boeing to complete its Space Launch System. Experts believe that the company will not be able to achieve manufacturing of the rocket before 2020. Moreover, it is also seen that the cost incurred to set up one SLS for NASA will be equal to the production of 27 Falcon large rockets. Boeing did not pay attention to the statement made by the administration chief of NASA where he mentioned that industry competition is very healthy.

SpaceX did not comment on this issue. The company is bustling preparing the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) which is the larger version of the Falcon Rocket which is already in operation. This BFR is supposed to replace Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and the Dragon Rocket.