Blue Origin run a successful test on its Launch vehicle called New Shepard. This test flight is the eighth test flight for the vehicle. The firm conducted the trial at the firm’s launch site in Texas. The trial happened on April 29, 2018, at 1; 10 pm Eastern time.

The company scheduled an early test flight, but it delayed for over three hours due to bad weather. The trip lasted for 10 minutes, and the vehicle reached a peak of 105.9 kilometers. That was close to the planned altitude; 106.7 kilometers.

The company announced that the test was successful. The last test flight was on December 12, 2017. In an interview at the 34th space symposium in Colorado Springs, the Chief Executive Officer, Bob Smith, of Blue Origin said that they are working to improve the readiness of New Shepard.

They also intend to make it very reliable, and they would keep the media updated on the progress of the vehicle. He also said that they had wanted to get the car ready for a launch this year, but they have incorporated some designs that would increase the time taken to get the vehicle ready.

He mentioned that it would take some time to get the vehicle ready. However, they would embark on several test flights this year. The test flights are to ensure that the configuration of the car is stable.

Blue Origin has scheduled first test flights that would carry humans to the end of this year. The vehicle can take six people. According to Blue Origin, the car will facilitate space tourism as well as research.

When reporters tried to inquire about the time the company intends to start selling tickets? Smith said that they want to be sure that the configuration is stable first. He said they would start making other plans when they are confident that the settings are stable.

He said they would initially have internal discussions on the prices as well as the number of tickets to sell. According to his comments, it is clear that the company would only sell tickets when the vehicle is ready. That is to say that they would not delay in their flight schedules when they start selling tickets.

Another company, Virgin Galactic also specializes in space tourism. This company has started selling tickets, but they have not scheduled a date for flights because the vehicle is not ready. Naturally, Blue Orion does not want to keep its customers on hold for that long.