The ring opening parachute that is 35 meters crosswise over and weighs ninety kilograms and has been outfitted with 3 miles of ropes. As indicated by a video that was discharged by the European Space Agency (ESA), which is in charge of managing ExoMars, it takes an aggregate of five days to get the chance to get ready and overlay the parachute into its right setup. For the most recent test, a helicopter carried the 500 kg test landing modules to an elevation of 1,200 meters and dropped it from that stature. Following twelve seconds of free fall, the parachute arrangement succession got started, beginning with the opening of a little pilot chute, which at that point triggered the opening of the second, fundamental parachute. The entire 195 kg parachute framework that was associated with the test arrival module with 112 lines. As per a designer that was engaged with this procedure, the target of the test was to check how the parachute would get removed from the pack and the principal swelling of the parachute. What they were attempting to do with that test was to represent the Mars climate. If that somehow happened to be done, a high height was required, and that will be another test that they intend to have before the year closes. Various GoPro Cameras that were mounted on the test module monitored the sending of the two parachutes. Amid this entire analysis, the designers received information, which they reviewed together with the camera film before continuing to the high elevation test later in the year. The fruitful arrangement of the ExoMars parachute utilizing the littler pilot adorable and its ensuing stable plummet without harm was a major breakthrough for the venture. The venture chief by the name Thierry Blancquaert said how energizing it was for him to see the goliath parachute spread out and furthermore convey the test module to the cold surface in Kiruna, Sweden. As per the designer of the parachute, the coming test, the entire structure will be passed on by a helium inflatable to a stature of 28 kilometers, where the Earth’s environment is as thin as that of Mars. From the height, the specialists will then have the capacity to run the entire parachute arrangement grouping which involves not one but rather two mammoth parachutes. As indicated by ESA, the ExoMars mission will require two such parachutes as the arrival module will weigh 2,000kg.