Some people may try to behave like this is not true. Let’s take a moment and think about it? Where have you been able to see a launch or live next to the actual rocket scientists? You would be lying if you talked about Texas or even California. You have to concede to the fact that we all love and enjoy the few advancements that have been made in the space industry. This has created a name for many companies that are usually involved in Space exploration. Research has shown that very few people get to attend the launch of rockets. I’m sure you agree with me. But if you are of contrary opinion then, did you manage to attend the launch of SpaceX launch?

Currently, there are very many activities that are happening in the industry right now. It is getting feisty out there, and space stories continue to grow and top many headlines of various stations. Workers that are in the Space industry are picketing. Space is getting dirtier and dirtier, and this Is making investors such as Elon Musk try and launch other business.

If you get to walk into the Kennedy Space Center, you will be able to see what does look like a very big tailgate party. United Launch Alliance union workers are very adamant about their contract proposals. They believe they are yet to get harmonized. This is the main reason why they have lowered their tools saying that they will not continue to work unless their demands are met. Workers in the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union can easily be seen picketing across various parts of the country.

More than 230 workers have decided to go on strike until such a time that the ULA has been able to offer a much better contract. The new deal should keep in mind family time as well as travel. They are very disappointed with the fact that the ULA is not giving so much importance to the fact they work even in extra hours. An official for the union by the name Jody Bennett did say that some companies can give you a very short notice to be able to pack your belonging with no specific place you will be moving to. The Union members will continue to strike until such a time when their demand will be met. It will be amazing to see how these events will eventually turn out.