Bangladesh’s first commercial satellite is known as Bangabandhu- 1. The launch of this satellite has been delayed again due to certain technological glitches. On the month of December 2016, Bangabandhu-1 was said to be launched.

However, changes to the date of launching the satellite were being made numerous times. The latest date which was set by the government of Bangladesh was May 7 of this year but this too got delayed due to technical issues. Bangabandhu-1 is destined to be launched from Kennedy Space Center.

Even though the launch of the satellite is delayed, some of the journalists from various media houses and also some of the officials of the government are said to have reached America in order to circumfer the launching programme. The final test run was scheduled to be conducted on 2nd May, but as usual, even that got delayed.

The test run got rescheduled to 4th of March, and it will take time to analyze data. The launching program is said to be attended by the government delegation of 42 members which includes six secretaries, two state ministers and nine lawmakers of the country. This delegation will be led by Sanjeeb Wazed Joy who is the country’s prime minister’s ICT affairs. More than one hundred delegations will be attending the launching program in America.   Though all these have been confirmed yet the date of launching the Bangabandhu- 1 has not yet been decided.

Bangladesh’s government has appointed SpaceX (that is Space Exploration Technologies Corporation), a private space company to launch the very first geostationary communication satellite which weighs 3.7 tonnes. This has already reached Florida on 30th March from a French satellite company named Thales Alenia Space. This satellite is also said to be manufactured by this company.

By launching Bangabandhu-1, Bangladesh will rank 57 amongst all the other count in space. SpaceX has launched a total of 52 satellites in space and 50 of them are currently working successfully. However, it is said that the Bangladeshi government is actually doing a lot of publicity than concentrating on launching Bangabandhu-1 safely and successfully. It is quintessential and momentous to scrutinize the data which will be fetched after doing the test run of the launching program. This will undeniably assist the scientists to get a much better and bright idea as to how the technologies of this commercial satellite can be improved so that the launching program can’t be delayed anymore.