The government of Australia plans on building a new space agency. They made the budget for the agency public on May 8, 2018. The proposed leader of the new agency is Megan Clark. Megan is a geologist; described as someone who is fit for the job. She has extensive experience in the space sector.

Megan once held the position as the Chief Executive of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Canberra, Australia. She has also contributed in the brainstorming phase of the establishment of the space agency.

The space agency will focus on applied technology. Many space industries stakeholders have called on the government to set up a space agency. The government took steps towards the development of the agency in July last year.

In July, the government set up a team of experts to research into the possibility of setting up a space agency. The government also tasked the team with the role of raising a long-term plan that will see to the development of the space sector.

The team submitted a report in March 2018; a report that the government is yet to make public.

A lot of people have expressed their thought on the government’s decision to set up the agency. They are off the opinion that there are vast portions of land in the country; these lands are located at places that will facilitate easy launching.

They also noted that the country is taking a good step by investing in the project. However, the government also needs to concentrate on all other aspects of the project. Other elements include a partnership with other agencies (both local and international), economics, regulations, and defense.

Space enthusiasts are also hopeful that the space agency would also encourage scientific research and would fast-track the growing space industry in Australia. They are also optimistic that the country would not rely on other countries to launch their spacecraft in the future. They also hope to build better satellites with the creation of a national space agency.

The government’s budget indicates that they have allocated 26 million AUD over the course of the next four years. The overall funds allocated for the space sector is 41 million AUD; 15 million AUD is grants for international space investment for the next three years.

Australia is one of the few European countries to set up an international space agency. Most of the states operate at the European Space Agency (ESA).