Australia is all ready to establish its first Space Agency. Even though the focus is to utilize for commercial space, the main aim would involve scientific researchers as well. The Australian government would invest AUD 38 million to run the company and get it running. The government officials are expected to make the official announcement on May 8.

It has been said that Megan Clark who is a geologist by profession will lead the Space Agency. Formerly she was the head of Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research organization which is located in Canberra, which is supposed to be the network of laboratories for Australia. She was also a part of the expert panel which was initiated by the government to explore the idea of Space Agency.

Researchers are very much happy with this decision of the government. They are delighted to know that one of their colleagues has bagged the top position of the Space Agency. The researchers and the experts have welcomed this decision of the government. According to Anna Moore, Clark has all the qualities to move the Space Agency in the right direction. Anna Moore is an astronomer at the Australian National University in Canberra.

The government has invested a good amount in related technology, but the decision to create a space agency is a landmark decision for the Australian Industry and space. This is said by Peter Quinn who is an astronomer as well as the executive director of the International Centre for Radioastronomy Research, which is a joint institute of Curtin University as well as Western Australia.

Recently scientists and space explorers have praised Australia for setting up a brand new space agency. However, the initiative accelerated in July when the government established the expert group to find out how much popularity cans the Australian Space Agency gain. The potential to grow a long-term prospect concerning Space Agency was voted for. It has been realized that it is very essential to build and solidify this vital sector at the earliest. The officers have further said that the primary objective would be to develop the space industry for Australia.

Mathews Colless said that there already some scope for space science in Australia. The teams have already developed small satellites for studying the Earth’s atmosphere as well as astrophysics, but at this date, the other nations have already build spacecraft.