Some of the astronauts have a firm belief in the fact that poets, as well as cinematographers, should be given a chance to make a trip to space. Two scientists were mission specialist. Charlie Camarda and Paolo Nespoli were the two persons who were heading different Space Shuttle Discovery flights. In the year of 2005, Camarda was a part of the STS-114 which was the first shuttle mission that took off after the unfortunate accident of Columbia which killed seven astronauts. Again in the year of 2007, Nespoli was part of the STS-120 Discovery flight and also went back to space twice for the expeditions of 26/27 and 52/53 on the International Space Station.

In the previous month, both of these astronauts came to pay a visit to the Tandon School of Engineering to explain the young generation what it is like to fly in space and thereby arouse interest among the budding youngsters regarding space exploration. Nespoli shared some childhood memories with eh youngsters, telling them that when he was kind, people used to ask hint at what his ambition was when he would grow up. He replied to them that he wanted to go to the Moon. Most of them at that time thought he was bluffing, but only Nespoli kept his dreams alive and made all the efforts to pursue his vision.

Camarda also put forward his childhood dreams of flying into space. He further added that he had to go the area just after the Columbia incident. As a result, he and his team were dealing with all the new technologies, and as such, they had to test every aspect to ensure that they could fly safely in space.

Nespoli did some painting work of the artists who were coming on board with the ISS. Nespoli was very emotional of the fact that when he looked at the beautiful Earth from the space during the night, he thought that perhaps there could have been a poet at the ISS or a photographer, who could have taken a beautiful picture so the image. He said that he was not a professional photographer, but he wished that the ISS could have cinematographers or such creative persons who could have portrayed the beauty of the scene that is visible from the Space Station.