The spacecraft launched by Planetary Resources which is a Washington-based company, named Arkyd-6 satellite is said to have completed all its mission. The goals set by scientists behind the launching of the spacecraft are supposed to be executed rightfully. Scientists launched it three months ago. The rightful demonstration of the computing system is entirely done. It’s attitude control system, and the power generating system is all appropriately demonstrated. It also helps in tracking stars and is known to be the very first commercial mid-wave infrared imager to be operated in outer space.

This spacecraft, Arkyd-6 was launched in January with the help of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. Arkyd-6 is the size of a cereal box and was first set up in the polar orbit which was sun-synchronous. Other than passing the significant tests of the space, Arkyd-6 were also working to know about the requirements of technologies for the launch of Arkyd-301 by the Planetary Resources. It is considered to be the next spacecraft or the asteroid prospector launched by the company to the orbit. To achieve all the goals, Planetary Resources required the mid-wave infrared imager. This is also of great importance to the development of Arkyd-301, an asteroid prospector of the company. This instrument which is to be launched soon after Arkyd-6 is said to detect water.

The water can be split into different components that are its constituting components, oxygen, and hydrogen. There are considered to be the main components of the fuel of the rocket. Spaceflight can be readily revolutionized by the process of mining of asteroid leading to the construction as well as the operation of the off-Earth that propellant depots.Spaceships can easily top up their fuel tanks at the very beginning of their mission. All these are very well planned by the Planetary Resources.

They have even decided to launch numerous Arkyd-301 spacecraft into the orbit in the year 2020. The launch of all these spacecrafts are said to be done with the help of a single rocket. The technological instrument which will be used will be the mid-wave infrared imager that is the MWIR imager. Another essential objective of this mission is to observe the space rocks, and that is made possible by Arkyd-301 as it will carry the piggyback microprobes and this will help in getting a closer look on those rocks.