What comes as a fascinating fact is that SpaceX is planning to build a massive yet appealing BFR factory in the Southern California region. The all-new facility is expected to encompass BFR rocket boosters as well as spaceships at the Port of Los Angeles. The company will soon be producing its Falcon Rocket at the gaudy Los Angeles’s Port. What is important is the fact that the vehicle encompasses a great potential to take mankind deeper into the cosmos. Approving the contract for land lease with SpaceX, the LA Board of Harbor Commiseration gave a green flag to the expansion.

The company will be using over 19-acres of waterfront space at the LA Port. The company’s all-new series of rockets will feature a height of around 350 feet, i.e. around 106 meters. When we talk about diameter, the same would rest at 9 meters. Elon Musk explained about the expansion plans where booster stage will be powered by 31 raptor engines which will be fuelled by Methane. The same will be releasing a thrust of over 12 million pounds. Now, the aspect that makes SpaceX unique is that their rockets are capable of returning back to Earth by making vertical landings. 

Just like Falcon Rocket series, the upper stage will be capable of carrying supplies, people, satellites and even fillable tanks, just as an interplanetary transporter is supposed to work. SpaceX’s officials had mentioned that the 19-acre site located at Port of LA is their best pick to develop and build their big rockets. Before choosing the Port of LA, the company initially had scrutinized an array of potential locations amidst Florida, Texas and more. 

Well, you’d be fascinated to know that since the rockets made by SpaceX are much bigger in size, the company required a location near to the port. Now, ships can be used to transport the rockets as well as associated equipment to the sites with added ease. From test sites to launch pad, the ride has become much easier. The company is expected to build a rocket construction site which would be around 80 feet tall and over 80,000 sq foot in the area in the Berth 240 region at Port of LA. Rockets which the company might build here will be shipped to Cape Canaveral through the Panama Canal.