It was Russia who had initiated the process of launching satellites into the orbit. Sputnik, a Russian spacecraft, was the first human-made spacecraft which was sent to the realm of the Earth. However, in the recent times, Americans have stepped up to the challenge and have become the market leaders in science, technology, engineering, and math through the process of the STEM. 

Over the years there has been a trend that to lure younger generation to undergo STEM education. Keeping this factor in mind, Air Force’s Air Mobility Command has started to create a partnership with the public schools as well as the local schools to provide full details and knowledge about Air Force and thereby enhance educational experiences. In collaboration with different partners, Joint Base Charleston put both STEM and space forwards through the separate interactive session and booths at the Air and Space Expo 2018. In this exhibition, robotic demonstrations were also included. In addition to such presentations, samples of moon rocks, electricity exhibits were also put up.

The main aim of the exhibition was to make people aware of the STEM and thereby arouse interest among the people for pursuing their careers in this aspect. Most of the young generation are now puzzled to decide which stream they are going to choose in their high school or even for higher studies. In this juncture, this exhibition has been a platform whereby the benefits of the STEM have been showcased so that students can have a fair idea of what is space exploration and how students can build up their career in this stream.

STEP helps to link the theoretical knowledge with that of the practical classes. A lesson that is taught in a STEM class is based on the real world problem, and it mainly focuses on the project-based problem. Another variation to the STEM is STEAM which involves an additional A which stands for art. The artistic design has come up as one of the most critical aspects of the portion of STEM education. This is mainly because creativity has become a very crucial part of modern innovation.

The exhibition, as well as the course, has become so much simplified that students more than 2000 spanning over 23 different schools came to participate in the activity. According to Megan Wickline who is the art teacher at Marrington Middle School said that it was a pleasant experience to relate theoretical knowledge with the practical scenario.