According to the latest survey, “Super-Earth” planets are considered to be a giant version of earth. It has been further suggested that such planets would be more habitable than that of Earth. However, a recent research procedure has stated that it would be very difficult for the aliens to do space exploration on these exoplanets. Studies have revealed the fact that in order to create equivalent equipment in comparison to Apollo Moon Mission, a rocket that needs to be build must have a mass of about 4,40,000 tons, in other words, 4,00,000 metric tons. This is required to meet the fuel requirements. This is as per the order that has been received from the mass of the Great Pyramid of Giza which is situated in Egypt.

Studies have even revealed the fact that if spaceflight is being sent on more huge planets, the cost involved will be more. This fact was brought to limelight by Mr. Michael Hippke, who is the independent researcher and is associated with Sonneberg Observatory located in Germany. He further added that these civilizations on the exoplanet will not have the facility of satellite TV, Hubble Space Telescope or a moon mission.

Exploration in details

As per the reports of the researchers, various alien worlds have been discovered around the other stars. Among them, one portion of the exoplanets that have been in talks will be the Super-Earths. These are the planets whose mass is said to be 10 times the weight of our Earth. Currently, a number of Super-Earths have been detected that are present in the habitable zones of the stars. It is believed that the temperature on those super-earths will be able to support liquid water and subsequently trace of life as the thought of. Prior research work has revealed the fact that there will be Earth-like planets which will be suitable for supporting life and even more better than our present Earth. Researchers are even happier of the fact that these Super-earths will be super habitable due to its heavy mass which will make the gravitational pull much stronger than our present Earth. This will allow them to hold up the thicker atmosphere and protect life from the harmful cosmic rays.

According to Hippke, if life does evolve on this Super-Earth, these aliens will develop an advanced civilization status which will enable them to use spaceflight. But at the same time, the strong gravitation pull of these Super-Earth planets will make the aliens out a lot of effort to blast off the planets.