Researchers have discovered some planets on the habitable parts of stars called the “Super-Earth”. These planets are much bigger versions of our planet and some scientists suggest that these places might be much more habitable than planets of Earth’s size. A new study found that it would be very difficult for the aliens on these planets to explore space if any exists.

To launch a rocket similar to that of the Apollo moon mission, a rocket on any of these super-Earth planets would need to have a moss of 400,000 metric tons. This is mainly because of the fuel requirements. This mass will amount to the mass of Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza.

Alien worlds have been discovered around other stars by researchers, and one type of exoplanets that was discovered was the super-Earths. The super-Earths are planets that will have 10 times the mass of our planet. Apparently, there are a number of super-Earths that lie in the habitable zones of the stars where the atmospheric conditions can support liquid water on the surface and thus is a chance for life, as on Earth. A detailed study suggested that some of these worlds could support better life-sustaining circumstances than on Earth-like planets. Super-Earths are suggested to be super-habitable as stronger gravitational pulls will be offered due to their greater mass which will help them shield against harmful cosmic rays.

Now coming to the point, if life did evolve on Super-Earth, they need to develop a very advanced civilization which is capable of spaceflight. But the very strong gravitational pulls of these planets will make it difficult for the extraterrestrials to climb up the layers to the sky. To understand the difficulty in a more practical way, Hippke calculated the size of the rocket needed to take off from a planet 10 times more massive and 70 percent wider than Earth. These were similar to the specs of alien planet Kepler-20b which is about 950 light-years from our planet. On such a planet, the launch vehicle will need to have an escape velocity that is 2.4 times greater than on Earth

The biggest challenge the aliens on such a planet would face would be the weight of fuel to carry. The launch will require will require a large amount of fuel, which will make the rocket heavier, and in turn, will require more fuel and so on. Good luck fellow aliens.