During the springtime of 1964, moviemaker Stanley Kubrick was found to be very worried. The main reason for such problem was that NASA was all set to fly Mariner 4 to the Mars. This was the time when the filmmaker was too busy with one of his main projects concerning the discovery of alien intelligence. It was even heard that MGM has put his all worth on the success of this movie and had kept the studio as a mortgage. He was worried about the fact that what would happen if Mariner could found a trace of life on Mars and thereby take away all the accolades. Kubrick even thought of resorting to any insurance policy to make the movie. But the premium was so high that he could not avail such insurance policy.

This situation was 54 years ago. We still don’t have any clue or any proof of any signs of life on the Red Planet. It is not that we have not tried our luck to find out the answers but our efforts have not brought colors. In the recent times, NASA has accelerated the measures of sending various spacecraft and missions to know about the reality of Mars. TESS, one of the latest and highly developed satellite has been launched into space so that scientists and the space fans can have some idea about the Mars. Another robot is on its way which is expected to reach Mars on Nov 26 and dig deep into the surface of the Mars so that we can have full knowledge about the Red Planet.

Mr.Kubrick’s movie, “2001: a Space Odyssey” finally hit the screens in the year of April 1968. Thankfully it became a blockbuster of that time breaking all records. It merely took the audience by surprise that even such an imagination was possible. Every critic and every movie buff became a fan of the movie. Even now it is considered as one of the essential films in the history of world cinema. Even now when scientists are asked about which sci-fi movie they have loved the most, they resort to this particular movie without any doubt.

In honor of its 50th Anniversary it is being released in the Cannes Film Festival, and after that, it will be screened in various theatres across different cities around the world in a shiny new version by Christopher Nolan who is the director of movies like Inception.