On 8th May 2018, a satellite was launched into space by China. The main reason to start this satellite was for surveying global as well as water resources. This satellite is a civilian-operated one and is also known to be an Earth-observing satellite. It is also said to study air pollutants and greenhouse gases and even other parameters of the environment. The satellite which is known as the Gaofen 5 helps in monitoring the situation. This was launched to space with the help of Long March 4C. The satellite took off from the Taiyuan space center at 1828 GMT. This space center is located in the Shanxi province of northern China.  

The Gaofen 5 mission is planned for eight years and is known to be one of the most magnificent Earth-observing satellites which are built and also used for surveying purposes of the earth’s environment. The satellite is built with hyperspectral imaging instrument. To detect changes in the land, vegetation cover and water clarity, the hyperspectral imaging is developed with sensitivity. To track pollutants in the air and also greenhouse gases, the satellite is built with payloads. This satellite is considered to be one of the most versatile and capable earth observing satellites of China. This is mainly because a total of six instruments were installed on Gaofen 5 by Chinese scientists.  

The whole purpose of launching Gaofen 5 into space was so that it reduces China’s reliance on information and data which it gets from the foreign countries. Global air pollution measurements were also said to be incorporated into the satellite. United States, Japan, and Europe are all supposed to be having similar satellites with similar objective behind air pollution measurements. The rocket named Long March 4C flew from the Taiyuan space base towards the south to the deliver the Gaofen 5 spacecraft. Gaofen 5 is regarded to be a having three stages which are fueled with liquid is placed 420 miles that is 680 kilometers above the Earth. The satellite is said to be taking over the poles of the planet as told by the military of United States.  

The launch of Gaofen 5 is China’s 14th space launch mission and is considered to be a great success as told by the space authorities of China. This launch is also supposed to be marking the record pace of the Chinese space activity.