Yuri’s Night, which is highly regarded as the largest space party in the world is celebrated at the Kennedy Space Center. The event is held last April 13, 2018, which brought out together more than 750 fans and space professionals for the space-themed merriment under the Space Shuttle called Atlantis.

Yuri’s Night is the global celebration held every year. It is an event that celebrates the past, present and future of the humans in space, and it is initiated by Loretta and George Whitesides, as well as Trish Garner in the year 2001 before spaceflight celebration. 

Cadere cosplayers greet the attendees of the event from “501st Legion’s” local branch. They are the group of people who appear in the event and dressed in uniforms or character costumes, and they raise money to be used for the charities. 

Nicole Stott, a space astronaut, gives her message to the attendees, a message that centers on the attitude and feelings she has when she is away from Earth and lives in the International Space Station for 100 days. 

“We are all living on the planet, and we’re all Earthlings,” she said.

Jason Mitchell from the Vostok Space Beer had featured the outlandish guest’s speaker’s outfits that reflect his beer brand. On the other hand, before the event takes place, Spaceflight Insider had spoken with the organizers to look for the participants to be a part of the event.

On the search, they have come up with the attendees for the event, including Sian Proctor,a space chef, Tim Bailey, a space technology and education consultant, Antonio Paris, a St. Petersburg College’s professor in the planetary science, Beverly Rother, a crew member at the Kennedy Space Center,and Ryan Kobrick, a chairman and president of YN national organization. All these attendees had shared their thoughts about the event. 

The event is big enough to bring out its founder Loretta from the West Coast to the Kennedy Space Center to participate and dress like a princess from the Black Panther movie. 

“For all of us, this is a banner year,” Loretta Whitesides said. “We have the people, who are having a party under the two space shuttles: 2,000 D.C and 750 in here.” 

The ages of the event attendees are ranging from over 20 years old and older. The lights in the event were bright, and the beating music is loud that calls the attention of everyone to dance and have fun the whole night.