A group of scientists which also involved Carnegie’s Michael Ackerson and Bjorn Mysen have brought to the attention the fact that granites from Yosemite National Park include minerals that got crystallized at a much lower temperature than previously anticipated. Such findings have pressed further in respect of our understanding of how granites are formed and what they can show us of our planet’s geological past. This experiment is said to have been published in Nature.

Granites are considered to be igneous rocks which are made up of mainly quartz and feldspar. They are the connection between the igneous processes that take place within the Earth and the volcanic rocks that got solidified inside the Earth’s surface. Granite is such a product through which our planet is separated into different layers, and they are the key which helps the scientists to understand the formation of the continental crust. Minerals from granite account for almost all our planet’s history right from what the composition was 4.4 billion years ago to till date. So it is very crucial to find out which granite form is vital for geoscientists trying to identify the processes that have eventually shaped the Earth’s formation. 

Till now, the vital known fact was that the minerals that compose granites crystallize as the molten rocks cool down to temperatures ranging between 650 degrees and 700 degree Celsius. Below these temperatures, it is assumed that granites get entirely formed.

In earlier phases, it was known that some of the elements of which granite is made up of tend to solidify at lower temperatures entirely. As a result, the team which also included Nichol Tailby of the American Museum of Natural History, as well as Bruce Watson of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, took resort to lab analysis to determine the temperatures of the granite crystallization within granite from Yosemite National Park.

This team took the help of a technique which is known as the titanium in quartz thermometry. With the help of determining the fact that how much quantity of titanium was dissolved in the quartz crystals, the research team was successful in finding out the temperatures at which titanium crystallized deep inside the Earth when the granites took shape about 90 million years ago.

The granites always tell a different story as was mentioned by Ackerson and such granites could help us to rewrite the way we think that how Earth’s composition was made.