Company which planned to built own space plane called Lynx to start competition with Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser bankrupted.

XCOR was present on the market since 1999 and well known due the creating EZ-Rocket plane. It was first privately built and operated rocket plane in the history, which performed maiden flight in 2001. Two years later, in 2003, Company announced their plan to built small suborbital space plane  called Xerus able to deliver to low orbit men and payload. After first five years of development, conception transformed in to Lynx space plane able to perform touristic flights . Vehicle would be also able to deliver ot LEO one passenger, pilot and little cargo in not pressurized section behind cockpit.

Lynx was planned as quite sophisticated construction able even to deliver upper stage with satellite as a additional payload during regular flights. XCOR Lynx was designed as HTHL vehicle able to reach space with utilization of its own propulsion, 4 LOX/kerosene fueled engines. Plans assumed creating prototype and first test flights in 2015. Unfortunately problems with development of own engines for Lynx were not solved. Company started cooperation with ULA and begun project of LOX/LH2 fueled engine, what resulted in moving all the resources from Lynx project to developing new engines in 2016.

XCOR Aerospace officially filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on November 8, 2017 what in fact ended plans for creating new engine in the cooperation with ULA. Company has liabilities for over $27 million and only $2.5 in assets and cash. According to documents, Lynx project has potential market value, but still it requires around $15 million to be finished with around $25-30 millions already invested. According to previous plan announced in 2008, first prototype of Lynx should cost $10 million while second prototype was priced for $12 million. Future of the project remains not clear – at the moment there are no known plans acquiring Lynx by another company.