Three days ago, after the Lunar X Prize, the X Prize Foundation, announces its competition come back and planning to send spacecraft back to the moon. The said competition is non-cash and this only means that this won’t have a prize cash for whatever team completes the mission toward the moon surface. 

The X Prize Foundation is also looking for a new sponsor that will help them replace Google and do the funding. According to the Foundation, they are extremely grateful to Google for giving them $30 million for their Google Lunar Prize. While the competition is already over, the foundation believes that there are teams with launch contracts and was expected to launch to the moon’s surface by 2021. 

Peter H. Diamandis, the executive, and founder of the foundation also said in his statement that X Prize is now looking for their next sponsor that aims to put their logo into the teams and on the surface of the moon. The Lunar X Prize was made and established in the year 2007 to aid most of the private companies in developing their lunar landers. The competition requires teams to successfully land on the moon, do their live broadcast, and search the surface. The first team to do all of these things before the deadline will win $20 million. The second to win will get $5 million and there are also some prizes to be given to the teams that will orbit the moon before landing. The competition that was set last March 31 just this year was the final deadline for all the teams. Unfortunately, none of them met the deadline and therefore no one has won the competition. 

The competition ended with no winner and the prize money is already in the pocket of Google. Despite the failure of all the teams, there are some companies who are not giving up on their plans in going to the moon. Most of these companies talked to the foundation and ask for the competition to continue even with or without the prize money. Today, the X Prize Foundation is looking for a new funding sponsor that will give them the funding of the prizes in exchange of its logo and name to all the landers that will arrive on the moon. 

When it comes to the rules of entering the foundation are not yet clear. However, the foundation is said to make announcements over the next months about the competition and its new funding sponsor.