One of the most enigmatic space vehicles of last decade, Boeing X-37 robotic space plane operated by U.S. Air Force, continues its mission.

Despite gossips which appeared recently, X-37 will continue its OTV-4 mission on orbit. Since mission start until today X-37 has already spent on orbit 535 days. It is worth to remind, that it was launched on 20th May 2015 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on the top of the Atlas V.

Long for 8.92 m with wingspan t 4.55 m X-37 is robotic space plane operated by U.S Air Force. It was launched on May 2015 with fourth mission in its history and already managed to beat the duration of the OTV-2 mission (second one) which lasted for 224 days and is getting close to record set during OV-3 mission which lasted for 674 days. During OTV-4, payload hidden inside cargo compartment of X-37 performed test of new electrical thruster and continue number of experiments with samples of different materials explaining their resistance to zero gravity conditions.

On picture above: One of the patches of MIST program – Military Spaceplane Technology (MIST) Program Office.