Elon Musk’s space company is helping Earthlings since a long time to discover little-known facts about the space and the solar system. And after launching TESS satellite with great success, SpaceX along with NASA is on the verge to get a detailed insight beyond it. However, the common people who are wondering when they can go to space, the answer is yet to be given.

As per Loren Grush, one of the most renowned science reporters from The Verge- to get the answer people had to wait until the next year. Earlier it was said that the mission to take people to space was set to be in 2017. But he told that if more than cargo and satellites are on the list, then a lot more time would be required.

SpaceX is making changes every day, and NASA is very particular about implementing the new ideas. She added, “When you are launching a rocket, utmost safety is required but when there are astronauts, keeping an eagle eye on every step become highly important as their life is on the stake.” In her new podcast, Loren stated about the ways SpaceX and its rival Blue Origin has made progress in the recent past.

Blue Origin was founded by Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. The company is on the verge of selling tickets to people on sub-tropical vehicles. This would be a short trip on a capsule attached to New Shepherd rocket. This ride is expected to be highly expensive. Told by Loren, as you enter the space the capsule gets detached from the rocket and you float freely in the space inside your capsule for few minutes. After some time, both capsule and rocket come back separately. This gives a complete privilege to feel being in the space all by your own and see the curvature of the earth.

On the other hand, SpaceX is planning to send people into the orbit and to the Mars as well. The safety concern of people going to the orbit is the foremost priority of SpaceX. This is the reason why it is reliable and trustworthy, but Blue Origin is also making progressive steps in the field. So, the answer to the question as to when the common man can visit the space and the orbits still require some time to get answered by these two tech giants.