It was in the year 1995 when Eileen Collins, a former astronaut of NASA was asked to lead the Space Shuttle. When the launch was intended, Eileen invited 13 women. Since those were the days when women had to face a lot of hardships to get equality in the working place with the men, this was a great turnaround for all.

Mercury 13 was the name given to these 13 women who were all female pilots from 1960s. All of them have undergone similar tests including the physical and physiological like men for the selection of astronauts in NASA. These were those 13 women who passed every hardship and came out with brilliant colors. NASA being gender specific in those days does not allow its women to go the space. But sending Eileen Collins becomes one of the most appreciated steps of NASA.

The Netflix doc Mercury 13 is the story of these badass 13 women who struggled hard to get the equal status like men in spite of being equally talented and skilled in their workplace NASA. Collins told that she was not the only one who has gone to space. A large number of women later made it through and sent to space who then gained the utmost respect from the nation. But the medical testing with which the Mercury 13 women had to undergo was very tough. She further added that all these 13 women are my inspiration. Listening to them and their stories helped her reach the place where she is today.

William Randy Lovelace was the man behind the program Mercury 13. It was not an official program of NASA but run by one of its officials. The US space program Project Mercury was initiated by him in whom he selected first seven astronauts. But all these seven members were white males. As per Sarah Ratley who is one of the female pilots says that there was no diversity in the selected astronauts.

Later, Lovelace took the initiative to select females as well in the program to see how much they can endure the tests for being cosmonauts. To the surprise, women performed as excellent as men and thus got selected to lead as space pilots in the future endeavors.

Mercury 13 is all about the hardships of these amazingly wonderful and super talented women. This doc from Netflix is worth a watch.