So what is the reason SpaceX could be ahead of the pack and affordable, while the evidently easier job of developing electric cars is apparently beyond Elon Musk’s other company? For it is true that developing an electric car is a huge deal simpler than creating reusable space rockets and simpler again than creating affordable reusable space rockets. 

The most thriving companies of Elon Musk – SpaceX and Tesla are having a very diverse year in 2018. SpaceX unveiled a groundbreaking new rocket, the Falcon Heavy that has launched 7 orbital missions. Tesla has kicked to generate its Model 3 electric sedan at guaranteed rates, rising queries about the cash flow of the company and supporting short-sellers. 

On 23rd of March, a driver died after the autopilot system of his Tesla steered the vehicle into a barrier, though the system isn’t planned to be utilized without a driver’s hands on the wheel. 

Evaluation of both firms are more likely to concentrate on the social media antics of Musk and hurried confidence, but both are run by expert teams and their business success is determined as much by global trends and market forces as the brand of strategic risk-taking of Musk.

Undeniably, the increasing pains encountered by Tesla are linked to a simple reality: It is trying to do a difficult job than SpaceX.

Quartz is right there. Tesla is trying the much more complicated task. Knocking out several rockets a month is an interesting task. However, once they have been created, it is something that can be accomplished reasonably simple. Building an electric vehicle is not beyond the wit of man either. Nonetheless, developing 5,000 electric cars every week to a reasonable standard capable of being presented to a paying client is a much more complicated task.

If it were simple, then everyone would have to keep an eye on Toyota in the 80s and they did not do that either. Mass manufacturing is difficult to get done right. It’s much more complicated that infrequent tube of explosive lit up into the heavens. 

If Tesla has certain – or when Musk has considered that Tesla would – to sustain as a small manufacturer of exotic vehicles, then that would have been the simpler job than that at SpaceX. It is the climbing up to a mass production that makes it the more complicated.