White House and President Trump have decided to sign a new treaty relating to new space policy. As per the new system, the US government departments and the agencies would be required to put into place several reforms to ease out the launching policies and its rules and regulations. This directive is a step forward on Space policy Directive 1 which is aimed to realign the space spaceflight programs involving humans in their envision to reach moon using the commercial partners. 

The new directive has made initiative which was recommended in the second meeting of the National Space Council to frame new policies. In other words, the White House wants to reduce paperwork for the commercial companies which are engaged in the job of launching activities. As per the official news, the government wants these companies to hire more of engineers for these companies than lawyers.

The proposed rules and regulations would come into effect from the early part of the next year which will look into various aspects of space regulations. According to the White House for these private commercial launch companies, the Secretary of Transportation Elaine Cha has drafted new rules for launching and re-entry of spacecraft into the earth’s atmosphere. The companies would be required to obtain a specific license for carrying on the activity of the commercial launch and re-entry activities. The White House wants all the companies to be working from such issued permits.

This directive will also look into the matter of remote sensing. The drawback of this particular issue became highlighted when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration regulations put a hold on SpaceX form live coverage of its Falcon 9 rocket just seconds before the engine shutdown.

Apart from the above issues, another aspect that has been given priority is to establish a one-stop shop solution which will be under the control and the supervision of the Department of Commerce. Through this directive, the Department will ensure transparency in the activities of the commercial flight companies. 

The Department of Commerce will also take up the job of finding ways of improving the global competitiveness of the United States within the space radio frequency spectrum policies and reviewing and examining the export licensing documents which will have an impact on the commercial space flight activities.

However, the commercial companies such SpaceX and Boeing are pretty much happy with the new reforms that have come up and feel it will enhance their business activities further.