The launch of Sputnik 1 had been a historical event for NASA. It was launched way back in 1957. Subsequently, various other man-made equipment has been sent into the orbit of the Earth. Most of them have never come back from the space. There are pieces of broken satellites, mission-related garbage, and abandoned rockets are at the moment moving around our planet at a tremendously high speed. It is so found out that some of these pieces of trash are moving at an average speed of 27,000 kilometers per hour. If these particles collide among themselves then the quantum of debris also increases. This poses a great threat to a world which has become highly dependent on GPS signals as well as telecommunication systems. Many such active satellites revolving around the earth have been destroyed by such high speed moving debris and scientists are pretty worried that many more of them will also be destroyed in a similar fashion.

As per the NASA records, they are finding ways of removing such unused equipment from the orbital position as early as possible. However, for near about half a century, space agencies are now having been sending instructions to the old satellites as well as the decommissioned vessels to crash and land around a remote area of the South Pacific. This area has been identified as the “spacecraft cemetery”. It is situated around a geographic place of high interest known as Point Nemo. The exact location of the place can be located in the sense that it is about 2500 miles east of New Zealand. If you talk about the closest landmasses, then they are the islands of Ducie, Maher and Moto Nui. This place is chosen because of the fact that when such a scrap satellite or a space vehicle is asked to land, there would be least chances that it would hit any human being.

This place of the cemetery had received its first equipment in the year of 1971. Subsequently, more than 260 other such equipment have been asked to be cemented with the majority of the equipment belonging to the Russian Nation.

Getting a spacecraft to touchdown anywhere requires a lot of courage and high skills. A lot of calculation is also required for the same. In this crunch situation space agencies are always required to stay in touch with the machines to give them proper instructions for landing without any casualties.